Dance First, Think Later

Frequently Asked Q’s
How big is the ballroom?

River Mills Ballroom has over 5,000 square feet of space with a full-sized ballroom which can seat up to 250 people for live perofmances or up to 200 guests seated at tables (depending upon table configuration). The ballroom has a standing capacity of 300.

Additionally, we have a multi-purpose room & a secondary studio which is perfect for  wedding ceremonies.

We have a full-sized bar offering bottled beers, ciders, spirits and soft drinks.

What is the capacity of the River Mills Ballroom?

The venue offers a selection of rooms, with different capacities – everything from huge to intimate!

The ballroom has a seated capacity of between 180 – 200

Do we have to use suppliers from your recommended supplier list?

Our recommended suppliers list is full of awesome businesses that we’ve worked with previously, and we know will make your wedding go off without a hitch! Of course, you’re welcome to work with any wedding suppliers you choose – the exception being caterers – please see the FAQ below.

Is there a certain caterer we must use?

River Mills Ballroom is a Grade II Listed building and has its own unique set of safety regulations, which a caterer must comply with. We have a number of brilliant caterers affilited with us here at RMB, to ensure your event goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

All our recommended caterers are tried and tested – with options for most catering styles and budgets. We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible though, so if there is a particular catering company you’ve set your heart on, then we are happy to go through a familiarisation process at the premises, subject to a fee.

Does the ballroom have disabled access?

River Mills Ballroom is a Grade II listed building and as such retains much of its original features. Unfortunately, one of these features is a lack of ramps or lifts.

There are two sets of stairs (the grand entrance and back entrance) which lead up to the main floor where all events take place. Guests with mobility concerns may need additional help from friends and family to navigate these stairs, however, the grand entrance has very wide and reasonably low steps.

Once guests are on the main first floor there would be little need for them to go back down the steps for the remainder of their time with us at River Mills Ballroom as we have stage, dining, refreshments, toilets & waiting facilities all on the same floor.

Are you licensed for wedding ceremonies?

River Mills Ballroom is indeed licensed for wedding ceremonies. We have Three separate spaces that your ceremony can take place in.


Can you provide stage lighting?
We currently have a simple array of ceiling-mounted perfomance lights.

Please contact us directly to discuss your performance lighting needs and we can work together to find the best possible fit for your needs.

Do you have a PA system?
At present we can offer a simple PA system for a small hire charge. Additionally, we have recommended sound engineers who can help you with all your sound system needs.
Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Yes. We have a fully licensed bar within our premises.

Do you provide security for events?
All events will have security staff on duty from 8pm-12:30am.
How late do you stay open?
Last call for alcohol is 11:45pm and the premises must be cleared and all guests vacated no later than 12:30pm.

There are a small number of residential houses just opposite our property and we ask that guests please keep this in mind as they walk out of the property.

Is the River Mills Ballroom an exclusive use venue?

Yes, we are delighted to say that all of our events are run on an exclusive use basis.

Can we use candles as part of our decorations?

Yes, however all candles must be enclosed within a substantial container (for example, tea lights within jam jars, or pillar candles within hurricane lanterns are fine).

There must be no dry or flammable materials within the candle containers, such as moss, leaves or twine. All usage of candles must be approved by the venue prior to your event.

Should we take out wedding insurance?

We do request that you take out wedding insurance, and we will ask for proof of this in advance of your wedding.

Legally we can’t recommend any specific policies, however we’ll be happy to point you in the direction of some brokers and providers if you’re not sure where to find insurance.

Is confetti allowed?

Outside in the yard, you may use confetti, as long as it is biodegradable. If you wish to use confetti inside the building, you must notify us in advance.

There’s a small charge to facilitate the additional cleaning up. Confetti used inside the building should not contain colours, dyes or materials which may stain the floor.

Can under 18’s drink alcohol at the venue?

In no circumstances can guests under the age of 18 consume alcohol on the premises, either with or without a meal.

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult and be responsible for them at all times.

Is the River Mills Ballroom an animal-friendly wedding venue?

Yes, we love four-legged friends! However, all pets which are brought into the venue must be well behaved, house-trained and with no history of aggression to people or animals.

In terms of animals such as birds of prey or petting zoos, these will require additional permissions from the venue (including proof of insurance from the company who is providing the services).

Are there any hotels locally?

There are a variety of hotels and B&Bs in the Selby area, these include:

Do you have any local taxi numbers?

We strongly recommend that all taxis be pre-booked in advance, due to the size of the town and the limited taxi companies. Some local taxi companies include:

  • 21 Taxis: 01757 212121
  • Selby Cabs: 07826 559 373
  • Station Taxis of Selby: 01757 702 567
  • York Cars of Selby: 01757 248 488

All taxis must be booked to leave the venue no later than half past midnight.