Cancellation Policy

RMB Cancellation Policy

1.4: – Cancellations

1.4.1: – Cancellation by the couple

Cancellations by the couple should be made as soon as is possible to avoid additional charges. The couple may cancel by phone, post, e-mail or any other legally accepted form of communication but must ensure that they receive confirmation of receipt of this communication.

1.4.2: – Cancellations within 14 days of booking

Cancellations made within 14 days of booking result in a total refund of all monies paid less a £50 administrative charge for contract and viewing arrangements.

1.4.3: – Cancellations after 14 days

All payments received are non-refundable.

1.4.4: – Change of Date

If a couple wishes to change the date of a confirmed event within 24 weeks of the event date, the client will be liable for an additional 25% of the total event cost in addition to the full event cost (including any increase in package price) in order to reimburse the staffing, administration and other

overheads associated with moving the date. Any postponement of confirmed and contracted business will be treated as a cancellation.

1.4.5: – Endeavour to Rebook

RMB will endeavour to rebook your date and should we be able to do so, RMB will refund all monies paid less the initial payment to cover the cost of administering the contract and re-marketing the date and any discount which might be offered to the new booking in an attempt to entice a late booking.