Wedding Speech Masterclass

Emma Taylor Presents

We have another super exciting supplier to spotlight today – a woman who is going to shape up your wedding speech skills until you are a public speaking ninja and she will be teaching a FREE special masterclass at The Wedding Party – a huge and interactive Wedding Fayre at River Mills Ballroom on the 25th of March between 11am – 3pm.

Emma Taylor Presents
Wedding Speech Masterclass


I felt confident writing my speech but delivering it was a different matter! Emma taught me tips that meant I could look into the audience and speak to guests while having the safety blanket of my wirtten speech to hand. Everyone said I looked quite the pro.

John Bates

Emma Talor Presents Client

Being in the position to give a wedding speech is an honour, and if speakers honour their obligation and do their homework, then guests can expect a good, entertaining speech. If the speeches go well they top the wedding breakfast brilliantly and set a feel-good tone for the evening bash.

But often speakers don’t do their homework, and this can happen for a multitude of reasons: they’re paralysed with fear about the impending speech and can’t bear to even think about it; they’re flat out at work and don’t find the time; they don’t know what their best material is and how to weave it into a speech that flows.  Whatever the reason,  a poorly prepared speech is more likely to land badly, causing the wedding breakfast to end on a flat, disappointing and sometimes even offensive note. Not exactly what the happy couple deserves on their big day!

Good preparation means working on your speech structure and delivery, and happily wedding speech coach, Emma Taylor, is joining us at the River Mill Ballroom on Sunday to offer top delivery tips. She’ll be giving advice on how to control nerves, memorise a speech, manage the body so you’re a pleasant watch on the video etc. Emma is a trained actress who has worked as a public speaking trainer for 12 years while also writing TV drama.

Emma offers three types of coaching options: One-to-one coaching which involves her structuring, writing and directing clients through their speech. “The one-to-one service is great for the time-poor, the very inexperienced or the very terrified,” says Emma.

She also offers a bridal speech party – which is a bit like a baby shower but for wedding speeches – where the key speakers from a wedding get together for a lively afternoon and, over a glass of fizz, work on their upcoming speeches.

And there are open group workshop too. These cater for all wedding speakers. They take attendees on a comprehensive wedding speech journey from knowing your audience to formatting your speech, to storytelling your anecdotes to eye contact skills. The next Leeds workshops happen on 14 April at St George’s Conference Centre and 3 June at Woodhouse Community Centre. Both events run from 1-4pm.


I was so riddled with fear about giving my best man’s speech that I couldn’t even think about it.
Luckily my girlfriend put me in touch with Emma and the fear soon went away!

Shane Griffiths

Emma Taylor Presents Client

If you would like to attend Emma’s FREE wedding speech masterclass, you can at The Wedding Party

To book a free ticket please go to our Yorkshire Wedding Fayre Events Page.

For more information about Emma Taylor Presents and to speak to Emma, please call 07973 933 782 or email